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We work across brands and can offer you extensive range of office multifunction devices. Our partners are authorised dealers from Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Fuji Xerox and Konica Minolta. We have in-depth knowledge of the world of digital copier technology, copier pricing, photocopier leasing and photocopy machine service contracts. We constantly track innovative products, trends, advancements and issues within the digital copier and color photocopier marketplace. Thus, we can give unbiased advice and recommendation that best solutions to suit your needs. We are product neutral, we do not sell brand. We sell solutions.
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Compare different photocopier brands and models. We sell Canon imagerunner, Ricoh aficio, Sharp, Fuji Xerox Docucentre, Apeosport and Docucolor models, Konica Minolta bizhub models.
Analyse features of different copiers e.g. anolog vs digital, black and white vs color, volume (low, medium or high), speed (pages per minute), and
Functions vs Needs (photocopy, sort, stapler, scan, fax, print, email, security, code tracking, software, wireless and LAN network, etc)
Unbeatable Photocopy Machine Pricing
We are the direct dealers with copier manufacturers, hence you can be assured of very competitive pricing and top quality maintenance. In line with our objectives of increasing our client base, we are offering the most competitive pricing.
Tailored solutions
As a one stop office equipment centre, we provide a full range of options for our customers. Our business solutions include:
Purchasing a new copier outright
Enter into a leasing agreement
Purchasing a slightly used copier (refurbished photocopy machines)
Maintenance & Repair
Integrated office equipment
Consummables (toner and paper), accessories, supplies and replacement parts e.g. catridge.
When you need dependable, specialist knowledge and skills, we provides a complete solution and best possible value. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate, we give you the personal, tailored advice, information and support you need.
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Free analysis of your current equipment, workflow, pricing and corporate objectives.
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Provide comparisons and help customers evaluate these choices – comparing each products features and capabilities, flexibility, cost of ownership and how well they meet your needs.
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Some 50 years ago, before the copier was invented, if you wanted to duplicate a document, you had to recopy everything by hand! Today it is amazing to think that, in mere seconds, you can produce an exact replica of what’s on a sheet of paper simply pressing the start button of a copier! This article focus on the basics of the technology behind the copying process.
At its heart, a copier works because of one basic physical principle: opposite charges attract.
Inside a copier there is a special drum. You can charge it with a form of static electricity. The drum, charged with static electricity, is used to attract a very fine black powder known as toner. The drum can be selectively charged, so that only parts of it attract toner.
To produce photocopies of an original document, the photocopy machine first makes a temporary image, a sort of negative of the original– in static electricity — on the surface of the drum. How is this accomplished? By using a photoconductor — a material that will hold a charge in darkness, but that loses the charge when exposed to light. The surface of the cylinder is electrically charged, and then a bright lamp is passed over the image. The area of the original image that is blank white will reflect light back onto the cylinder, discharging those areas. Where the image is dark, however, the photoconductor remains charged. The result is a sort of electric map of the original image. Because the process involve light, that is why the machine is called a photocopier!

photostat machine price
The drum that is selectively charged will then selectively attracts the toner creating a map of the original image. Then the sheet of paper gets charged with static electricity and it pulls the toner off the drum. Since toner is heat sensitive, the loose toner particles are melted by heat and pressure rollers and fused to the paper.
In order for the process to work well, the drum must be deep within the machine, in complete darkness, until a series of mirrors project the image onto it. A belt moves the photoconductor to the toner and brings it together with the paper. The drum is erased by a second set of lights and is made ready to be electrically charged again for a new image.

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Below are some tips to reduce savings in the office
Match your needs with the choice of copier
Buy what you need. Avoiding buying features that you do not need will save you lots of money. Some features to consider are:
Speed of the copier
How fast do you need your photocopy machine to be? There is a trade off between price and speed.

photostat machine price
Multiple functions
Do you need all the functions that the copier is capable of? Every function is already added to the price. Knowing what functions you need and those function you do not need, can save you a lot of money.
Multifunctional device
If you are planning new office setup, getting a multifunctional machine (such as photocopy machine, fax machine, printer, etc all in one machine) will save you money compared to buying individual separate office equipment. It may also increases office productivity.
Going paperless!
It is amazing how quickly people get into bad habits. For instance, copies of a document may be made when it could just as easily be scanned in and emailed around to colleagues rather than making physical copies. This not only save cost, but also save time and is good for the environment.
Switching Copiers Off
Make sure to check that all copiers and any other non-essential machines are turned off before leaving the office to save energy and reducing your energy bills.
Use Duplex Default
You can also save on paper cost by selecting a copier’s duplex function for double sided printing. This should in fact be set to default, which will greatly reduce the amount of paper that is consumed and also lower your office costs.
Install Tracking Software
To prevent misused and waste, you can install softwares and tracking codes that tracks the usage of the copier to each staff in the office. This way, your staff will not simply use the copier.
One of the best ways for workplaces to limit their environmental impact and save energy is to recycle. Provide simple and convenient waste paper disposal arrangements makes recycling your unwanted waste paper quick and easy. As a general rule, keep large waste paper bins right by your copiers – large so they don’t fill up so quickly and close. This way the environmental and energy impact of your copying is kept to an absolute minimum.




photostat machine price

Photocopy machines are expensive investment for any business and hence making sure that your investment is well worth it, you need to make sure the machine is well maintained to maximize its lifespan. Most businesses that buy photocopy machines usually also purchase the maintenance agreement with the supplier where periodic replacement of worn out parts and maintenance work is carried out. Usually the frequency of the service depends on the usage. However, apart from these periodic maintenance by professionals, the users also need to carry out some basic actions to extend the copiers lifespan.
Some additional steps you can take to maintain your copier are:
Clearing away the dust buildup outside and inside the machine
Using your 1-inch paint brush, gently sweep away dust and debris inside your copier. Lightly sweep all the surfaces inside and outside the machine. Vacuum around the machine thoroughly and under the machine. This will help to eliminate dust that can cause over-heating. Also, vacuum the filters and fans to clear the dust buildup.
Remove toner residue Saturate cotton balls with isopropyl alcohol and use them to wipe away toner residue. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Taking care of glass screen
Use glass cleaner and paper towels to wipe down the outside of the machine as well as the glass copy screen. Use fresh paper towel gently on the screen to avoid streaking.

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Belakangan ini banyak sekali yang menanyakan tentang mesin fotocopy mini untuk kebutuhan usaha maupun kebutuhan perkantoran, dengan alasan keterbatasan budget banyak yang tertarik memulai usaha fotocopy dengan bermodalkan sebuah mesin fotocopy murah dengan ukuran yang mini. Alasan lainnya adalah karena baru buka usaha atau sekedar coba coba jadi untuk tes pasar apakah ramai atau sepi, makanya banyak yang mencoba usaha ini dengan menggunakan mesin fotocopy portable yang tidak terlalu mahal.

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